PayMaya is now Maya. And registration as well as upgrading the account is also more easier now unlike before. And after registering on Maya, they sent me a P20.00 free gift in my available balance. For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily register and avail the new features of their new and upgraded app.

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  • Maya app (download and install using Play Store)
  • Mobile phone number (Smart/TNT)
  • Mobile data or internet connection

Assuming that you have the listed requirements, then continue doing the tutorial below.

Here are the steps on how to register Maya account using phone

1. Assuming that you already downloaded and installed your Maya app. Open it and in the PayMaya is now Maya, tap on the NEXT button.

paymaya is now maya

2. Press Agree and continue in the Data Privacy.

maya data privacy agree and continue

3. In the Protect your account by sharing your location, press Continue.

protect account by sharing location

4. Press Allow only while using the app in the Allow Maya to access this device's location?

allow maya access device location

5. Now, press Start an account in the next step.

start an account maya

6. Under Start an account, type your First Name, Last Name and press Continue to proceed.

type first last name maya account

7. In the Set your login details, type your mobile phone number and the password that you like. Press Continue to proceed.

type number and password for login details

8. In the Data privacy, just press Continue button.

data privacy maya

9. In Data personalization, tap on Enable all data & personalization. Press Save to confirm.

enable all in data and personalization

10. An OTP will be sent to your phone number. Enter it on the space provided. Press the Verify button to proceed.

type otp sent to mobile number

11. You're in! Welcome to Maya. You just created your account. Press Go to home button to continue.

maya account created

12. Press Allow in the Allow Maya to access your contacts?

allow maya access phone contacts

13. And you're now inside your Maya account. You can see there your Wallet, Savings, Credit and more. You can also there your current wallet balance. In just moments, Maya will send you P20 and it will be added in your wallet.

inside maya account

14. Done! You have successfully created a Maya account.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!