Can I really receive the Google Adsense payment I earned from my Youtube channel, website or blog, and apps using Maya Bank, Inc. or just my Maya account using its Virtual card? Definitely NO!

Do not believe this Vlogger below from Youtube saying "Maya Bank pwede na sa Google Adsense No Charge|Maya Bank":

The video is totally a lie and only wants views and subscribers. I searched many Google Forums regarding receiving Adsense payments via PayMaya since 2021 but the answers are not clear and all of the questions were locked already. See sample questions below:

Is Paymaya Philippines Inc, accepted as a payment method?

I am using Paymaya Philippines Inc. as my payment method with AdSense. And until now, I did not receive yet my salary. Is Paymaya accepted as a payout method in Adsense? If not, how will I get the money to my newly added payment method? Thank you

Answer: If Paymaya Philippines is a proper registered bank in your own country and you are using a ????PH???? SWIFT Code then it will be valid to use.

And the original poster of the question said: Yes I am using swift code for paymaya and paymaya also is legally registered in my country. My concern is the payment not yet posted to my paymaya account. And my friends using other banks has already received their payment. Thank u for the response.

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Another question from another Filipino.

Can i use paymaya (Maya) the virtual card using my payment method applying as wire transfer

Can i use paymaya (Maya) the virtual card using my payment method applying as wire transfer

Answer: No. You need to add a bank account number, IFSC code, SWIFT code, Bank name etc. You cannot use a virtual card or bank to get the payment from AdSense.

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Another Google user asked regarding his payment that was already sent to Maya account but no payment received at all.

Hi I didn't receive any payments yet.. Google Adsense sais that they transfer the money already to pay Maya pH account.. But until now no payment receive

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Another same issue from a user saying that Google already issued the payment but PayMaya Philippines Inc said they did not received the money.

Question: First payment has been issued BUT the bank said they did not received the money. I am from the PHILIPPINES and my bank account is PAYMAYA PHILIPPINES INC. Google AdSense emailed me that they transferred the payment however it doesn't reflect in my account. I contacted my bank and they assured me that they can receive payment as long as google AdSense accepts VISA cards or MASTERCARDs. However, they also told me specifically that they don't see any transfer or any linkage of google AdSense in my account. I am worried, and this is my first time. What should I do? Will I recover the money? or is it lost already?

Answer: What do you mean when you say, "google AdSense accepts VISA cards or MASTERCARDs."?? You cannot enter any kind of card information in Adsense. Visa cards and Mastercards are for making payments, not receiving them. Adsense uses neither. If you entered card information rather than bank account information, then the payment should have failed. However since it was only issued on January 17th, and the message clearly tells you to wait at least five business days (which would be next Monday) there's not much point worrying about it at this early stage.

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Here's what I did.

I personaly emailed Maya Support: "Hi Support team! I just wanna ask if i can use my Maya account to receive my monthly payments from Google Adsense? Google sends money via bank transfer. Since there is already Maya Bank Inc, maybe you can accept payment from them..? I hope to hear from you soon. Warm regards,

And they answered me with different option, which is not using PayMaya virtual card, not their physical card, not Maya Bank Inc for bank transfer. But Maya Wallet accepts Payment from Western Union. See the answer below:


Thank you for sending us an email regarding the bank transfer from Google AdSense. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Make sure you have set your Google payment method to Western Union. You can do on the Payments page of your Google Adsense account.
  • Once the threshold is hit on your monthly payment cycle, you will receive your Western Union payment details and instructions on the 22nd of the month or a bit later. Included is your 10-digit money transfer control number (MTCN). Simply copy the digits.
  • Open your Maya app (PayMaya). Click Cash In and select Western Union. Paste the copied MTCN digits and review the details to appear. Complete the cash-in transaction.
  • You will then see the amount credited to your Maya app. You may now use that on the app or send to your local bank account for a fee of PHP15.00.

If you have other inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Franz from Team Maya

So, can you accept Google Adsense Payments to Maya account (PayMaya)? The answer is yes! But not through bank transfer but using Western Union (WU).

Do not attempt a bank transfer from GCash or Maya because they are not physical banks, they are digital banks. Even though WIRE transfer is an available option for Publishers/Vloggers here in the Philippines when you set a payment option inside your Google Adsense account, you can't use Maya or PayMaya as your bank for it even though there is an available SWIFT CODE.

I just created my Maya wallet for the purpose of making it also as a payment method to receive my Google Adsense monthly salary. Metrobank and other banks really deduct so big when they process our payments from Google, unlike Western Union. But, I am a bit disappointed because using Maya as a way to receive the payment via Bank Transfer is not available and I am already using Metrobank.

Other blogs, said that WU is still usable and available when it comes to receiving Google Payments and you may try it if you want. Although, Google Adsense already stated that they will remove WU as a payment medium for Publishers and Vloggers worldwide.