There are different ways to be able to buy or register TNT's FB 10. You can dial the USSD code *123# on your phone, or you can use online apps like Maya Wallet (PayMaya), GCash and Shopee. For this post, I will show you how to get this promo using your ShopeePay account via Shopee. And without further ado, lets start this tutorial.

Requirements to be able to register TNT FB 10 promo via ShopeePay

  • Make sure you have a verified Shopee account
  • Make sure you already registered and activated your ShopeePay account inside Shopee
  • Make sure your ShopeePay has balance or money
  • Mobile data or internet connection of course

Assuming that you already have the listed requirements above, continue doing the tutorial below.

Promo details

  • Facebook access only
  • Valid for 3 days
  • 200MB data allocation per day (total of 600MB)
  • Text/SMS: none
  • Calls: none

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Here are the steps on how to buy or register TNT FB 10 using your ShopeePay account

1. Open and login your Shopee account. Inside, find and tap on Load, Bills & Travel.

shopee load bills travel

2. Under Load, Bills & Travel, in Top Up, press Buy Promo.

shopee buy promo

3. In the Select Telco, tap on TNT.

shopee telco tnt

4. Under Mobile Data, enter the number of the TNT FB 10 recipient. Make sure to enter it correctly.

input tnt number

5. Still under Mobile Data, find and press TNT FB 10. Press the Checkout button to proceed.

find and select tnt fb 10 under mobile data shopee buy promo

6. Under Checkout, review your transaction details again. If you have voucher available enter it in the Select or enter voucher to get some discount. If you have coins available you can redeem it also like what I did below (see image) to also get discount for your TNT FB 10 promo. And make sure to select ShopeePay as the Payment Option. When done, press the Pay now button to confirm purchase.

payment option shopeepay buy promo

7. In the next page enter your 6-digit ShopeePay PIN.

enter shopeepay 6 digit pin

8. You have successfully paid TNT FB 10 promo. It will be processed shortly. Press View Order Details for now.

successfully purchased tnt fb 10 buy promo shopee

9. Under Order Details, you will there the number of the promo recipient, the total price you paid, order ID, time or purchase and redeemed discounts or coins.

shopeepay tnt fb 10 promo details

10. Done! You have successfully bought and registered TNT FB 10 promo using your ShopeePay account.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!