It is a very good habit to delete your Mi 360 Home Security Camera video recordings, especially if those videos do not have any person detected. I also noticed that when the camera's SD card is almost full, the recordings become laggy. So, to me, personally, it is a must to delete unnecessary videos for the sake of future records.

And for this post, I will show you how to easily delete those. See the steps below.

delete mi home camera video recordings

How to delete Mi Home Security Camera 360 Video Recordings

1. Open your Mi Home app in your phone.

2. Inside, click the Mi Home camera that you want to delete the video records.

3. Now, press "Storage management" located below the live video.

4. Inside, click SD Card to continue.

5. Now under "All videos", you will see there your camera's different video recordings with their corresponding date and time. For this tutorial, I will delete all my recordings on May 4, 2023. To do this, just click the EDIT button (see image below).

6. After clicking the EDIT button, the option "Select all" will appear. If you intend to delete just one or two videos, you can manually select a video by tapping the white circle on it. For this tutorial, I will select all the videos.

7. After selecting all the videos, you are now ready to delete those. Proceed to STEP 8.

8. To delete, just tap the Delete button located below your screen.

9. If you are really sure of the deletion, click the Delete button again to proceed.

10. Done!