Recently, my lovely sister volunteered to become a Content Editor on my Facebook page. So, I decided, while inviting her, I will also create a tutorial about it. And here we are. I hope this tutorial will also help you to do so.

The only simple requirement to be able to add an editor, is that, you must be the owner or admin of your FB page. Without further ado, let's begin.

How to invite/add Content Editor in your Facebook Page 2023

1. Login your Facebook account and click your profile pic (see the image below). In the menu that appear, click the "See all profiles" link.

2. Under "Your profiles & Pages", select the page that you want to access and invite your Content Editor.

3. Now, when inside your FB page profile, click your page name (see image below).

4. Under "Manage Page" , click Professional dashboard.

5. Inside Professional dashboard, click Page access.

6. In the "Manage and view access" find "People with task access" and click "Add New".

7. Under Add new, the task definition will be described to you. Just press the NEXT button to proceed.

8. Next, type the name of the Content Editor that you want to add. Before I forget, make sure that the person that you are going to add is already your friend on Facebook. When the name appears in the list of suggested names, click that name to select it.

9. In the next page, just ENABLE the Content (create, manage or delete posts, stories and more as the Page.). When done, press the Give Access button to continue.

10. For security purposes, Facebook will require you to re-enter your account password. Just enter it and press Confirm to proceed.

11. Done! You just invited a workforce on your FB page. Just wait for him or her to accept your invitation. An invite validity is good for 31 days. To make your invitation accepted immediately, you can direct message him so that he can accept it already.
If you have a question to ask, just comment below.