I just recently bought my Mi Home 360 Security camera and I am not encountering any problem on it yet. For this tutorial, I will just show you how to format Mi Home camera's SD card. Maybe in the future, it might come in handy. See the steps below to start.

How to format Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro SD card

1. Open your Mi Home app in your phone.

2. Inside, tap on your device to access it.

3. Now, above your camera live video, press the 3 dots (Settings) to proceed.

4. Inside Settings, press Manage storage to continue.
5. Inside Manage storage, tap on SD card status.
6. Find and press Format SD card to proceed.

7. A message saying, "All videos in the SD card will be deleted after formatting, continue?". Press OK to proceed with the process.
8. Done! If you have a question to ask, just leave a comment below. Cheers!