If you already added PayPal in your Google Play account and wanted to remove it now, then, you need to remove it first inside your Play Store. And then remove it inside your PayPal account under the Preapproved Payments or the newly called Automatic Payments. The removal is very easy to do. And lets start!

Here are the steps on how to remove or unlink PayPal from your Google Play Store account

1. Open and login your Google Play Store account. Inside, click your Profile photo icon.

google play profile picture

2. In the menu that will appear, click Payments & Subscriptions.

google play payments and subscriptions

3. Inside Payments & Subscriptions, tap on Payment methods.

google play payment methods

4. Under Payment methods, you will see there all your linked accounts in Google Play including your PayPal account that you wanted to remove. Tap on More payment settings to proceed.

payment settings google play

5. Under Payment methods, find PayPal. Below it press the Remove button to start the removal.

remove payment method google play

6. You will be ask if you really want to remove the payment method. Press the Remove button to confirm.

confirm removal payment method google play

7. You will be ask again if you want to permanently remove your PayPal in Play Store. Just press the OK button to proceed.

remove paypal permanently in google play payment method

8. And you just removed PayPal in Google Play. 

no payment method available

9. It is also nowhere to be found inside your Google Payment methods.

paypal removed in google play payment methods

10. To permanently remove it, you need to also cancel it inside your PayPal account. Open and login your PayPal account using Google Chrome or any browser available. Inside, press the 3 lines located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

11. In the menu that will appear, press Settings icon.

paypal account settings

12. Swipe the available tab menus until you find Payments tab.

paypal payments settings

13. Inside Payments, press the Manage automatic payments button to continue.

manage automatic payments paypal

14. Find and press Google, Inc.

google inc automatic payments paypal

15. Now, find and press Cancel inside Google, Inc. You will see there that this auto-payment is still active. So, to disable it, you need to cancel it.

cancel google inc automatic payments in paypal

16. Press the Cancel Automatic Payments button to proceed.

confirm cancelation of google automatic payments in paypal

17. And you just permanently removed your PayPal in Google Play Store.

successfully removed google automatic payments in paypal

18. To verify the removal, you will see inside your PayPal's Automatic Payments that there is no available active payment methods.

paypal automatic payments is now empty

19. Done! You have successfully removed your PayPal account linked in your Google Play Store.

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