I do not know the reason why, but if your Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro suddenly speaks and wanted a reset, then, you need to do it because your device will not work. And instead of a blue light, it will have an orange-brown light which I think is in standby mode.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily reset your device to make it working again. See the steps below.

How to Reset Mi Home 360 Security Camera

How to Reset Mi Home 360 Security Camera

1. First thing, before doing a reset, make sure your camera is ON.

2. Now, get a sim card tool ejector (see image below) or similar tool to that. Note, if you do not have the same tool, you can improvise.
3. Go to your device. Near the charging cable slot, you will see there a small hole. See image below. 
Reset Mi Home 360 Security Camera

4. Press this hole using your sim card ejector tool and wait until Alexa speaks that your device was successfully reset.

5. Done! If you have a question, leacve a comment below. Thanks!