If you accidentally deleted your app icon and you want it back, it is pretty easy to do it. For this tutorial, I will be using again my Tecno phone to demonstrate how it is done. But, you can also do the same steps for your own android phone.

This is going to be a 2-part tutorial. First, I will delete the app icon and second, I will restore it. And without further ado, let's start.

Here are the steps on how delete and restore deleted app icon on android mobile Tecno.

How to delete android app icon

1. Find the app icon that you want to delete. Long-press the icon.

long press app icon to delete

2. Long-pressing the icon will show a hidden menu. Tap on Remove.

remove app icon android

3.  And you just removed the app icon.

app icon removed android

How to restore delete android app icon

1. Swipe up anywhere on your android phone screen.

swipe up anywhere the screen to view hidden menu

2. The gallery or list of all your installed apps will be shown.

list of all installed apps android

3. You can use the Search apps to find the app icon that you want to restore. Or, you can also find it manually by scrolling down. The list is alphabetical, so it is very easy to find the app that you are looking for. When you find it, long-press again the icon.

find or search deleted app icon

4. A hidden menu will popup again, tap on Send to desktop.

long press deleted app icon and send to desktop

5. And the app icon is sent to desktop or your main screen.

app icon sent to desktop successfully android

6. You will now see there the deleted app icon, restored.

restored deleted app icon android

How to restore deleted app icon using Icon Cache

1. Long-press anywhere your phone screen.

long-press screen android

1. A hidden menu will appear, tap on Desktop setting.

desktop setting android

3. Inside Desktop setting, find and press Icon cache.

icon cache desktop setting-android

4. Inside Hide apps, press Add/Remove.

add/remove apps android

5. In the Icon cache, find and select the app that you want to retore the deleted icon. Just tap to check.

check app icon to restore

6. When already selected, press the Back button.

press back

7. Now, press Add/remove again.

add/remove icon androip app

8. Back to Icon cache, uncheck the app that you just selected earlier. Press Back again and again until you are back in the main screen.

9. You will then see there the restored deleted app icon that is missing.

deleted app icon restored

Done! You have successfully deleted and restored your app icon in your android phone.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Cheers!