68. The government is soon going to introduce a bill which would permit the instituting of private universities under very strict directions.
a. We have some private universities in our country even now.
b. The demand for more universities is being stepped up.
c. Such directions can also be issued without informing the Parliament.
d. The government gives directions to establish anything in private sector.
e. Unless and until the directions are given, the private universities can charge exorbitant fees.

69. All the tulips in Zoe’s garden are white. All the pansies in Zoe’s garden are yellow. All the flowers in Zoe’s garden are either white or yellow. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
a. true.
b. false.
c. uncertain.

70. Three pencils cost the same as two erasers. Four erasers cost the same as one ruler. Pencils are more expensive than rulers. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
a. true.
b. false.
c. uncertain.

Reading Comprehension

71. There are no effective boundaries when it comes to pollutants. Studies have shown that toxic
insecticides that have been banned in many countries are riding the wind from countries where they
remain legal. Compounds such as DDT and toxaphene have been found in remote places like the
Yukon and other Arctic regions. This paragraph best supports the statement that
a. toxic insecticides such as DDT have not been banned throughout the world.
b. more pollutants find their way into polar climates than they do into warmer areas.
c. studies have proven that many countries have ignored their own anti-pollution laws.
d. DDT and toxaphene are the two most toxic insecticides in the world.

72. Most researchers in needy countries are based on the thinking and approach of the highly developed Western world, and seldom have they been directed toward meeting the countries; own development needs. The sentence best supports the statement that _________.
a. highly developed countries offer the best guide for the development of needy countries
b. most researchers done in needy countries are missing their objectives
c. most researchers have universal application
d. needy countries need researchers to help them reach the status of the western world
e. needy countries spend so much time for conducting researchers

73. Critical reading is a demanding process. To read critically, you must slow down your reading and, with pencil in hand, perform specific operations on the text. Mark up the text with your reactions, conclusions, and questions. When you read, become an active participant. This paragraph best supports the statement that
a. critical reading is a slow, dull, but essential process.
b. the best critical reading happens at critical times in a person’s life.
c. readers should get in the habit of questioning the truth of what they read.
d. critical reading requires thoughtful and careful attention.
e. critical reading should take place at the same time each day.

74. Two person look out through the same bars; one sees mud and the other, the stars. The sentence best supports the statement that __________.
a. some people are more blind than others
b. people see things differently depending on their own perspective
c. people have varied ways of looking at different things
d. people have different tastes and interests
e. people tend to influence one another’s views of things

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