Word Analogy and Logic Test - Answer Key

51. D.) ocqixcjg

52. a.) illusion

53. a.) wealth : embezzler

54. b.) skeptic : disbelief

Degree of intensity. Philanthropist is a generous person while munificence is extremely generous. as skeptic is inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions while disbelief is refusal to accept that something is true.

55. b.) mundane : legitimate
Something vague is nebulous. Something mundane is commonplace.

56. e.) diaphanous is the opposite of opaque. Distraught is the opposite of calm.

57. e.) A frame surrounds a picture; a fence surrounds a backyard.

58. b.) One searches in order to find; one explores in order to discover.

59. c.) A pharmacy sells drugs; a bakery sells bread.

60. a.) Layer and tier are synonyms; section and segment are synonyms

61. D.) Max

62. C.) uncertain

63. B.) false

64. E.)

65. b.) Subscribing to Cable TV is a needless expenditure

66. d.) Only one worker in the factory has exactly five children.

67. d.) TV promotes a feeling of helpless vulnerability in viewers.

68. b.) The demand for more universities is being stepped up.

69. c.) uncertain..... The first two statements give information about Zoe’s Tulips and pansies. Information about any other kinds of flowers cannot be determined.

70. b.) false…. Rulers are the most expensive item.

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