Reading Comprehension - Answer Key

71. a.) toxic insecticides such as DDT have not been banned throughout the world.

72. d.) needy countries need researchers to help them reach the status of the western world

73. d.) This answer is implied by the whole paragraph. The author stresses the need to read critically by performing operations on the text in a slow and specific manner. Choice a is incorrect because the author never says that reading is dull. Choices b, c, and e are not
supported by the paragraph.

74. c.) people have varied ways of looking at different things

75. d.) natututuhan nang tangkilikin ng mga Pilipino ang kanilang mga sariling awitin.

76. a.) the older we get, the more we forget what we have learned

77. b.) the unpredictability of money is an obstacle to a nation’s prosperity

78. c.) dumarami ang mga walang hanapbuhay at tumataas ang halaga ng mga bilihin dahil sa krisis

79. b.) Hidden Prehistoric Paintings

80. c.) notices

81. b.) It has a large number of caves.

82. c.) Horses

83. a.) show

84. d.) Many painting spaces were difficult to reach.

85. b.) artists

86. d.) light

87. a.) Visitors were prohibited from entering.

88. B.) The sentence 'Whenever they were attacked by Apaches, the Pueblos would pull up the 
ladders' is a clear clue expressing that the Pueblos were living in hard-to reach places so as to have shelter against the Apaches. The correct answer is B

89. B.) When 'Spanish word pueblo meaning town or village' is taken as a clue, it can be seen easily that B should be correct.

90. C.)

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