Here is a very simple way for you to be able to link your Payoneer account to your GCash wallet. Linking your Payoneer to your GCash will enable you to directly withdraw all your Payoneer earnings or money inside your GCash wallet.

What are the requirements to be able to link GCash to Payoneer?
  1. Verified Payoneer account
  2. Verified GCash account
  3. Your Payoneer account complete name must match your GCash wallet complete name.
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If you are very sure that you met the listed requirements above, then, you can continue doing the tutorial below.

How to Link Payoneer to GCash account?

1. Open your GCash account. Inside GCash, press the 3 lines.
2. Now, in the menu that will appear, press the My Linked Accounts.

3. Inside My Linked Accounts, press Payoneer.

4. Inside Payoneer Linking, you will see there the Payoneer logo, and the message saying: Receive payments globally and withdraw straight to your GCash account. Just press the Link Account button to continue.

5. In the next step, you will need to type your registered Payoneer account and your password. After doing so, press the Sign In button to continue.

6. A verification code will be sent to your registered GCash mobile number.

7. Input the given OTP or code in the Two-Step Verification field and press the Submit button.

8. Payoneer will ask you if you will going to allow GCash access your Payoneer account. Just press the Agree button to continue.

9. A message saying: Connection successful. GCash can now access your Payoneer account, will be seen. Just press the OK button to proceed.

10. Additional message saying: Payoneer linking is being processed. Please wait for a text message to confirm successful account linking, will be seen. Just press the OK button again.

11. And instantly, the message will be received by your phone from GCash saying:
You have successfully linked your GCash account to Payoneer. You can now seamlessly withdraw your overseas payments with GCash!

12. You can manually check if your Payoneer is really successfully linked inside your GCash account by pressing Cash In.

13. Under My Linked Accounts, you will see there the Payoneer logo.
14. Done!