For our readers who are asking how to download and print the LTO CDE Online Validation Exam certificate using your mobile or laptop/pc, you can follow the simple steps below.

✅ If you only have phone, and do not have pc/laptop as well as a printer, you can just download the pdf file of your LTO CDE Certificate. Go to the nearest computer shop or printing center and print your certification, and then go to LTO office near you.

✅ If you have a laptop or pc and also a printer, then you can directly print the LTO CDE Certificate inside your LTO portal account, just also follow the steps below.

✅ If you have a laptop or pc but do not have a printer, then, just download the pdf file version of your LTO CDE certification and save it on your phone or USB flash drive and go to the nearest computer shop or printing center. After printing, go to the nearest LTO office near you to start renewing your driver's license.

Note: If you are not yet taking your LTO CDE Online Validation Exam, then, do not do this tutorial. You need to take and pass the exam first before you can print or download your certificate. The exam is easy and we have a reviewer here and the answer key.

How to Print/Download LTO CDE Certificate

👉 Login your LTO portal account and password. Press/click the E-Learning tab > CDE Online Validation Exam

👉 Inside the CDE Online Validation Exam, you will find there all the exams that you have taken and passed. Just press/click the exam that you wanted to download and print.

👉 I already stated the Important notes above. It is up to you whether you will print the certificate you already have a printer. Or just download it, if you do not have one.

👉 Done!