If you don't have cash for Cash on Delivery or you do not have enough balance inside your ShopeePay or GCash account to pay your order on Shopee, then, why not consider using your SPayLater account.

✅ Approved SPayLater account (of course, with enough balance). If you haven't signup for an SPayLater account yet, then follow this tutorial first: How to register/activate Shopee SPayLater, Receive up to 10K credits

Assuming that you already done the tutorial above, or you already have an SPayLater account, then proceed to steps below.

How to use SPayLater as Payment Option to order on Shopee

✅ To be able to buy something on Shopee using SPayLater as the payment option, you need to put your item into cart first. When done, first Checkout button.

✅ Inside Checkout, find and press Payment Option.

✅ Inside Payment Method, find and press SPayLater. You should also choose how are you going to pay what you are going to loan on Shopee. There are 3 options: Buy Now Pay Later, Instalment 3X and Instalment 6X. For this tutorial, I selected the first one. When done, press Confirm button.

✅ Back inside Checkout, you will now see that the Payment Option is set to SPayLater. You can also press the Platform Voucher to apply valid vouchers to get some discount on your purchase. You can also redeem some coins if have. When done, press the Place Order button to continue.

✅ You will be redirected to a page wherein you will need to input your current ShopeePay 6-digit pin.

✅ After typing your PIN, you will be automatically redirected to the Purchase page. It has a message saying: Your payment is approved by SPayLater. It also has the total amount paid. Your current SPayLater limit or funds, the payment method used and more.

✅ You can press View my SPayLater, and you will see your current balance.

✅ Done!

Important: You need to repay your loan or bill on SPayLater on time so that you won't have a bad record with them.