For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily load your Satlite box with any Satlite load promos. But to make this post more specific, I created a tutorial about Satlite Load 99. See the steps below.

How to load Satlite using GCash 2023

1. Open your GCash account. Make sure it has enough to purchase the Satlite load. Click Load to proceed.

2. Now, press Non Telco tab.

3. Under Buy Non Telco load, type the number of the Satlite load receiver. Press the NEXT button to proceed.

4. Under Non Telco load list of promos, find and press SatLite Load 99. Press Buy Now button to continue.

5. In the next page, just review all the details and make sure all are correct. If so, tap the Pay PHP 99.00 button to continue.

6. Done! You have successfully purchased your SatLite Load.

7. You will receive a text from GCash containing your SatLite Load PIN. Get that PIN.

8. Now, you need to text the following to activate your EPIN and make your TV have channels to watch again. Just type SATLITE YOUR-PIN YOUR-ACCOUNT-NUMBER and send it to 5353. Example: SATLITE 76161625382811 57373737. Make sure you have at least 1 peso extra load to be able to send the code to 5353. If you also do not know your account number yet, then click here for the additional tutorial.
9. After sending the needed code to 5353, you will then receive a message saying: Your request is in progress. Please wait. P1 per request. Then, another text will arrive saying: Your load request has been confirmed. Account no. 57373737 will be loaded with SatLite Regular 99 EPIN shortly. Ref:468136128.

Done! If you have a question, you can leave a comment below. Cheers!