During the coronavirus pandemic, GCash is very vital personally in my everyday life. Instead of going out to buy load for my phone, I don't have to, because GCash can give me load that I need. I also do not have to go to town to load my Satlite box because GCash also has load for TV channels like GSat as well as Cignal and the Satlite that I have. GCash also offers exclusive load promos for Globe users like the Go50 for Students which is very useful for students for their modules that is only available for GCash users.

Also read: Do not have phone, you can install and open GCASH using your laptop or computer.

But, of course, you cannot use your GCash without funds or money inside it. The tutorial below will show you how to cash in funds or money inside your GCash account using or through 711 branch near your place.

How to cash is GCASH via 7Eleven branch near you? Easy and simple steps!

1. Go to the nearest 711 branch near your place. Find the machine inside the 711. Press E-MONEY.

2. Then press GCASH.

3. Now, press GCASH CASH IN.

4. Input the number that you wanted to add funds as well as the exact amount. You cannot cash in amount which is lower than PHP 50.00.

5. After typing your GCASH number and the amount that you wanted to cash in, press the NEXT button.

6. Another screen will appear summarizing all the details regarding the transaction. Check it if it is correct. If so, continue by pressing the NEXT button again.

7. Just wait for a while while the kiosk machine verifies your transaction.

8. After a successful verification the machine will ask you to print for a receipt. 

9. Then, look below the monitor or front side of the machine, and you will see there your receipt. Get the receipt and go to the cashier.

10. Give the receipt to the cashier as well as the payment.

11. The cashier will then give you the official receipt for the transaction.

12. Check your GCASH now, if the money is already cashed in. Done!

I already did these steps a couple of times already because I really need to put funds inside my GCASH account but I wasn't able to video the process. The photos above are only captured using this video.


1. You can use it to pay your Meralco, PLDT bills.
2. You can use it to buy load for all networks Globe, Smart, Sun, TM.
3. You can use it to buy e-points, coins for playing online games.
4. You can use it to pay online orders from Shopee and Lazada.
5. You can use it to easily transfer funds from GCASH to a bank account.
6. You can even use it to withdraw money from Western Union to your GCASH account.
7. You can use it to renew domain names if you are a webmaster or website admin using AMEX.