Today, I will put some funds or money inside my GCash account. And I will be using the Metrobank Online via website or the Metrobank App via mobile phone.

To be able to cash in, of course you will need some money of your own, an internet connection to open your Metrobank account.

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How to Cash in GCash using Metrobank

👉 If you are using a laptop or pc, click this link If you are using Metrobank app then, open the app. Login your Metrobank account.

👉 Inside your account (via computer) find and press the Send Money under Dashboard Shortcuts. In the app, just press the 3 small horizontal lines and press Transfer to Another Bank.

👉 In the Send Money, just enter the amount of money you are sending, select GCash as the other bank. The account number is your GCash number. Account type is individual. In the Account holder's name and last name, just type your Name and Last Name in your GCash. You can leave the email address as blank. But if you want to receive a notification regarding the transfer, then, you can either type your mobile number or email address if you want. You can also leave the address blank. Source of fund transfer should be your Debit card. Select the Now button for InstaPay (instant transfer for funds which is worth P25). Later is for Pesonet (free of charge but not instant because the funds will be transferred the next day). In the purpose, just type anything you want. Press the NEXT button to continue.

👉 Under Review and Confirm, you will see there the amount of money you are going to send from your Metrobank to GCash account. You will also see your GCash number, way of transfer which is InstaPay worth P25. The name and mobile number of the GCash account. And the source of fund which is your Debit account. Press the Continue button.

👉 In the Verification, type your Metrobank Password (6-digit). Next, type the 6-digit code that will be sent to your registered mobile phone number in the Mobile verification that starts with MP-XXXXXX. When done, press Submit.
👉 And your transfer of funds from Metrobank to GCash will be done instantly. You will receive the money immediately inside your GCash account.
👉 You will receive the following text messages from Metrobank and GCash.

From GCash:
You have received P1000.00 of GCash from Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. with account ending in XXX. Your new balance is P1128.19 11-23-21 11:38 AM. Ref. No. XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Use now to buy load, purchase items, send money, pay bills and a lot more!
From Metrobank:

Your InstaPay transaction is being processed. If you did not initiate this activity, call our Contact Center at (632) 88-700-700. Thank you.

Your InstaPay transaction is successful. If you did not initiate this activity, call our Contact Center at (632) 88-700-700. Thank you.

Greetings from Metrobank! Juan dela Cruz just sent you PHP 1,000.00. Message from sender: funds transfer gcash. Thank you!

Note: You will only receive a texts from Metrobank, if you opted to type your mobile number in the email address/mobile number field as shown in the steps above.

👉 Done!