Satlite is just a minor version of Cignal, so, you can expect many good channels even you are only subscribed to its P99 load subscription which is already good for 1 month. Now, if your Satlite load is already expired, there are two ways to re-subscribe and start watching your favorite channels again.

First, you can go to your nearest Smart, TNT or Sun suki retailer and ask her or him to load you Satlite 99 or Satlite 299. Additional fees might be charged to you by your loader because that is normal.

Second, you can use your GCash app to load yourself. No hassle, to pila-pila, no need to commute or whatsoever. Just make sure your GCash has funds or money to load yourself your Satlite load 99. See the tutorial below.

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How to Buy & Register Satlite 99 Load Subscription using GCash

1. Open your GCash app and press Buy Load.

2. Inside Buy Load For, type the number of your Satlite 99 load receiver. Then press the Next button.

3. Now, swipe your screen and find PAYTV tab.

4. Under the PAYTV tab, find Satlite Load 99, select it and then press the Next button.

5. Under Payment, just press the Pay php 99.00 to continue.

6. Payment Done!

7. If successful, a message from GCash saying:

You have paid P99.00 of GCash to purchase Satlite Load 99 for 09071234567 on 02-14-21 03:23 PM. Your GCash balance is P757.38. Ref. No. 803...
Thank you for purchasing Satlite Load 99 from GCash. Your PIN is 12345678901234. Serial # is 12345678.

8. Now, all you need to do is just text SATLITE EPIN YOUR SATLITE ACCOUNT NUMBER and send to 5353. Example: SATLITE 48464912345460 12636312. Make sure you have extra P1.00 to be able to send your message. If you do not know your ACCOUNT NUMBER, see tutorial here.
  • Red is the KEYWORD
  • Blue is the 14-digit PIN or EPin that you bought using your GCash.
  • Green is your Satlite account number.
9. Just wait for a confirmation message about successful transaction. The following SMS will be received by your mobile phone from 5353.

Your request is in progress. Please wait. P1 per request.

After a while, you will then receive another message from 5353 saying:

0505 0912: Your load request has been confirmed. Account no. 12345678 will be loaded with SATLITE e-Pin Plan 99 shortly. Ref:3241....

10. Now, all you need to do is wait for your TV to have the channels back. It's not that long though. Done!

Analyzing the Satlite Load 99 Promo

  • The promo is good for 1 month or 30 days which is equivalent to P99.00. Meaning, you are consuming only P3.3 per day when subscribed to Satlite Load 99 promo.