You can cash in some funds on your GCash account using your RCBC Online banking app. If you do not have GCash funds but your RCBC account have, then, follow the steps below.

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How to cash in GCash using RCBC Online Banking App

1. Login to the RCBC Online Banking App.

2. Select Fund Transfer > Bank Transfer.

3. Select the RCBC account to transfer funds from.

4. Select your GCash account from your enrolled list of Beneficiaries, or select GCash as the target institution and input your GCash-registered mobile number (09xxxxxxxxx) as your Account Number, Account Name, then press Proceed.

5. Select Instapay as the Transfer Channel, enter Amount, and press Transfer Now.

6. Review the transaction summary then tap Proceed to confirm.

7. Enter the OTP sent to your RCBC-registered mobile number, then tap Submit.

Note: RCBC will charge PHP 25.00 per succe transaction.