If you do not have a pc or laptop to access LandBank's iAccess website to cash in your GCash account, then, you can try cashing in using your phone via LandBank Mobile Banking App. See steps below.

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How to Cash in GCash using LandBank Mobile Banking App

1. Log in by entering your UserlD and Password or biometrics.

2. Tap Transfers > Transfer to Other Bank.

3. Input the One Time PIN (OTP) sent to your mobile number or email address. If enrolled in OTP Generator, click OK and submit the OTP generated by your registered device.

4. Select the Destination bank as GCash and choose Instapay as Transfer Method.

5. Select the Source Account where the funds will be debited.

6. Input Recipient Details. The GCash-registered mobile number (09XXXXXXXXX) also serves as your account number.

7. Press Submit to proceed.

8. Review the details in the Confirmation Page then click Confirm.

9. A transaction acknowledgment page with the status of the transaction will be displayed.

10. Done! A message from GCash will be sent to your phone number regarding the successful transfer or funds.

Note: LandBank may charge fee for Instapay successful transfer.