GOMO is also owned by Globe, so expect much cheaper data promos compared to Smart/TNT, and other networks. For this tutorial, I will show you how to load or register GOMO UNLI DATA 499.

GOMO UNLI DATA 499 Promo detail:
✅ Good for 30 days or 1 month
✅ Unlimited Data
✅ Up to 5 mbps mobile/computer internet speed
✅ Costs P499
✅ Not always available in Gomo App (so make sure to buy it when it appears in the Data Promo before it is already gone)

Now, to be able to avail the promo you need to have a GCash account (with at least P499 available funds) or a valid Credit/Debit card. For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to buy the promo using GCash.

How to Load/Register GOMO 499 Unli Data Promo using GCash

👉 First, you need to login your GOMO number using your GOMO app. If you do not have the app yet, then, you need to install it first in your phone. Download and install the app via Google Play [ here ], or AppStore [ here ]. 

👉 Now, open your app and login using your GOMO number.

👉 Inside your GOMO account, press Shop.

👉 Now, press Data Offers.

👉 Inside GOMO Offers, press Flash Deal 30 days UNLI DATA Up to 5 Mbps (Buy for P499) promo.

👉 In the Select Payment Method, press GCash. Press the Pay P499 button to continue.

👉 Inside GCash, type your GCash number and press the NEXT button to proceed.

👉 A 6-digit authentication code will be sent to your GCash registered mobile number. Type the number in the space provided and press the NEXT button again to continue.

👉 In the next page, just enter your GCash 4-digit MPIN and  press NEXT.

👉 In the next page, you will be presented that you are going to P499 in GOMO purchase using your GCash available balance. Just press the PAY PHP 499.00 button to continue.

👉 A message saying, Successfully Paid GOMO Via GCash will be seen. It also has the Total amount paid, Reference number that can be used in case there is a problem with your purchase, and the date time of purchase. Just press the BACK TO MERCHANT button to continue.

👉 Back inside the GOMO app, you will see a message saying: We are processing your purchase. Just press the Got it button to close the message.

👉 Another message will then be seen:

GOMO - Yassss! You've successfully purchased UNLI DATA 30 Days. P400 has been charged to your account. Please remember that purchasing another UNLI Data Offer is not allowed until your current UNLI offer expires. You may view your purchase history through the GOMO dashboard.
Just press the Got it button again to close the message.

👉 Now, press the HOME tab and you will see there your UNLI DATA that is already in used.

👉 There is also a message coming from GCash that your phone will receive, saying:

Your payment of P499.00 to GOMO has been successfully processed on 12-04-21 11:33:32 AM. Ref. No. 763898287.

👉 Done!

Analyzing the GOMO UNLI DATA 30 days promo:

That's P499 for 30 days. Meaning you are consuming at least P16.00 everyday while subscribed to the promo. Not bad at all. That is a very cheap data promo. Good for internet browsing, surfing, watching movie, playing games, online study and more.