For this post, we are going to change Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi default username and password. The question is why do we need to change these two? The answer is simple, to avoid someone accessing your Globe at Home admin account. The account hold all the settings, information and a lot more about your device. And if someone techy discovered that you do not changed your Globe at Home default username and password, then, he or she can definitely access your device and have a free internet. It is very important to know that all Globe at Home devices have the same default username and password. So, better change it as soon as possible.

To be able to change your username and password, make sure you met the simple requirement listed below.

☑ Make sure you are connected to your Globe at Home device homepage It doesn't matter whether you are using a mobile phone or a pc or laptop. The given link above will work for your.

How to change Globe at Home Username & Password

👉 Assuming that you are already inside the page, do first this tutorial to login inside your admin account: How to access/login Globe at Home Admin

👉 Now, when you are inside your admin page, find and press the System Settings.

👉 Inside System Setting, press the Modify Password button.
☑ For the Current Password: type @l03e1t3 (next to @ is small letter L and zero, followed by number 3, letter e, letter t and number 3)
New Username: type any username you want
New Password: type the new password that you want
Confirm New Password: just confirm your new password
☑ Press the Apply button to continue.

👉 Done!

Note: Do not forget your new password and username because if you wanna login inside your admin account again, these new password and username will be the one to use. And not the default or old one.