If you do not have a mobile phone and your GOMO number is just used for Globe at Home, pocket WIFI, etc., then, you may want to open your GOMO account using your pc or laptop. Doing this tutorial, will enable you to activate your GOMO sim card, and see the latest data, text, and call promo that you are currently subscribe or available for purchase.

GOMO is also under Globe, so, you do not have to worry about the signal. If Globe is good in your location, then, GOMO is also going to be good and reliable source of your data or internet connection. But make sure, you are subscribe to its cheap and affordable data promo like the GOMO UNLI DATA 499 promo which is good for 30 days with unlimited data available.

Follow the simple tutorial below to open your GOMO account inside your pc or laptop.

How to open GOMO app/account using computer

👉 Visit the GOMO website login page, click here.

👉 Now, login using your GOMO number. If this is the first time that you are logging in, then, you need to activate your SIM Card first and set a 6-digit PIN. If you already activated your SIM card, then, just type your number and press the Let's Go! button to proceed.

👉 Now, type the 6-digit PIN that you just/already created.

👉 There you have it! You have successfully opened your GOMO account using a pc or laptop via internet or web browser. Inside your GOMO dashboard, you will see there your GOMO number, the current DATA promo that you purchased and more.

👉 Done!