There are two ways to check your GOMO remaining data balance and expiration. You can use either a mobile phone or a pc or laptop. But of course, if you are subscribe to 30GB Data Only or 20 GB Data Only, then, there's no need to know when will these promos will expire because do not expire at all, unless, you consumed it all.

The current GOMO Data promo that expires is only the GOMO Unli Data 499. This promo is only good for 1 month or 30 days. But the promo offers unlimited mobile/pc data for internet usage. See the steps below to know how to check your current remaining data balance and when will it expire.

Using pc or laptop:

👉 Visit GOMO website login page here:

👉 Sign in using your GOMO number.

👉 Assuming that you already signed in, you will instantly see there your current data promo, and when will it expire. If the data promo is with no expiry, then, you can still see the remaining balance.

Using mobile phone:

👉 You need to download first the GOMO app and install it on your phone. Download and install the app via Google Play [ here ], or AppStore [ here ]. 

👉 Assuming that the GOMO app is already installed, open your app and login using GOMO number.

👉 After a successful login, you will instantly see there the current data promo that you are subscribed in, as well as when will it expire (if it has expiration) and the remaining data for that promo.

👉 Done!

Note: If this is the first time you are signing in your GOMO number, then, you need to activate it first. An authentication code will be sent to your GOMO number. You will also need to set a 6-digit PIN as additional protection for your account. Do not forget the PIN.