You can easily access your Globe at Home Prepaid WIFI admin using your device's default username and password. It is very important that you can access the administrator page of your device because, there, you can tweak some settings to improve your connection strength and more.

For this tutorial, I just written a detailed post for you to be able to login into your Globe at Home admin. See the step-by-step tutorial below.

Table of Contents:
✅ Open internet browser.
✅ Type
✅ Press Enter ( → )
✅ Press Login
✅ Type username & password
✅ Press Login again

How to access/login Globe at Home Admin

👉 To be able to access your Globe at Home device admin make sure you are connected to it via LAN cable (yellow colored cable both connected to the RJ45 slot found at the back of your Globe at Home and RJ45 slot found in your computer near the USB port slots) or via WIFI connection. If so, open your internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.). In the address bar, type and press ENTER or → to access the index page. Note: You can access the admin via mobile phone or desktop computer/laptop.

👉 Now, find and press Login.

👉 For the Username, type user and for the Password type @l03e1t3 (next to @ is small letter L and zero, followed by number 3, letter e, letter t and number 3). Press the Login button to continue. Another one is by using admin as username and admin as password.

👉 There you have it! You have successfully opened your Globe at Home admin page. Inside it, you have there the Quick Settings, Device Settings, SMS, Phonebook, Firewall and System Settings. You can access the Device Settings to change your default username and password as well as the default WIFI password. You can also change your WIFI name or ID if you wanted also.
👉 Done!