I just bought a new Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi device. It is already openline or unlocked. My friend said that to have a more strong signal which leads to a good internet connection, I must tweak or play around my available bands. He said that I must select just one band at a time. Then, the unthinkable happened. I tried selecting no band at all, and then I pressed the Apply button. And boom! The signal is gone, and instead of LTE it was changed to Limited Service.

I felt a little nervous and frustrated. I already knew that I must reset the device to be able to get it going again. But, still, I watched YouTube videos to make sure because I don't want to make a second mistake and to worsen the situation. And thanks God, the reset made the fix and it made my Globe at Home device to work and function again. See the steps below on how to reset your own device.

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FIX: Globe at Home Limited Service, No Signal, Bands are Gone

👉 Get your Globe at Home device (make sure it is TURNED ON).

👉 Look at the back of your device and open the lid covering your SIM Card.

👉 Inside it, you will find there a small round colored-black button.

👉 Get a ballpen, pencil, or small screwdriver, toothpick or anything that you can get that will help you push the reset button. 

👉 While pushing the reset button, do not stop until the light of the SIGNAL and DATA connection is gone. POWER (I/O) light will remain.

👉 When the said lights are gone, unplug your device after a while plug it back again.

👉 Try reconnecting, your mobile phone to your Wi-Fi and if it established a connection, then, your Globe at Home is now back working. You can also see your Globe at Home device wherein, the read DATA connection is now also blue. And if you accessed your, the Limited Service is changed to LTE + Your current network name.

👉 If you wanna access your admin page, then, you must use your default username and password which is user and @l03e1t3.

👉 Done!