IF you are a new user of Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi, then, you may want to know what is your device's default username and password to be able to access its admin page. Accessing the administrator page will enable to change some important settings like the Bands to be able to get the best signal for your current location. You can also change your current default admin username and password as well as the default WIFI password.

To be able to know the default Globe at Home username and password, you just need to be a keen observer. See the detailed tutorial below.

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What is Globe at Home Default Username & Password?

👉 Get your Globe at Home device.

👉 Look below it and you will see there the information that you are looking for.

👉 As you can see on the image above, below your Globe at Home device, you will see there the:

☑ SSID which is the default name of your WIFI. You will this name when you open your mobile phone WIFI, your phone will detect this name. 

☑ Wireless LAN key or WLAN, which is the default password of your WIFI.

☑ IP which is use to login your Globe at Home admin account. You will need to manually type it in your internet browser address bar and then press the ENTER key.

☑ User which is the one that you are looking for. The default Username is user and the password is @l03e1t3 (next to @ is small letter L and Zero, followed by number 3, letter e, number 1, small letter T and number 3)

👉 Done!